Frequently Asked Questions

Will you build me a WordPress site without Managed WordPress Hosting?
We are in the bussiness of building on open-source software for quite some time now. We know all the ins and outs. We used to provide installations without support. This resulted in unhappy, sometimes even angry clients. Therefore we now offer this service as an addition on our websites. We strongly recommend anyone to use this service. However… if you insist, you can provide your own installation of WordPress on a server of your choice and manage your own updates. We will then create an installable WordPress theme which you can install on your own server.


Your services start at €50 euro a month, isn’t that too much?
We are offering a sharp priced service. €50 a month is less then one our of work for a freelancer. You are free to choose it. For this little money we will provide the installation on our own state-of-the-art server, which is specially configured for WordPress. We host many WordPress installations, so we benefit from economies of scale. We know what problems to expect. To be honest: there is not really a cheaper solution than the one we are offering. You will need experts every now and then to keep everything running smoothly. We are experts and we can do that for a very reasonable fee.